40 X 40 Bucket of Dreams

I wrote this list in January 2012, and I kind of forgot about it! I rediscovered it in March 2013, just to find myself well into achieving it, so I decided to stick with it.

These are my hopes and dreams. I wrote them down because I realized a tendency in me to pursue my written to-dos more aggressively, besides I would really like to see these items come true one day…

Why these items?

Because they are fun, don’t you think? At least some of them are…. well, I am in two minds about owning a house and having a baby, but I am guessing at some point it turns into loads of fun. right?

Here you can track my progress, as I cross off completed items and provide some updates.

This is in no order of priory, except for #40

1. Swim with Stingrays.

I haven’t started planning this one yet, and honestly I have no idea where or how to start!! any suggestions?

2. Meet someone with my own name.

I am Arab, I share the same name with at least 7 cousins.

3. Learn that Instrument.

What do you think; Drums or Piano?

4.  Get a piece of art into an exhibition.

It’s an awesome feeling, and I would love to do it again one day 🙂

5. Capture the moment in an award-winning photograph.

could serve as a prerequisite to the previous point!

6. See an erupting volcano.

I expect to be charmed, mesmerized once I have achieved this one. I expect my life to change…

7. See the Aurora Borealis

I figured, if the night sky can sometimes look so inspirational and magical without any supernatural light shows taking it over, it must be really awesome with it….

8. Throw a dart into a map and travel where it lands.

I really want it to land in Antartica 🙂

9. Scuba dive.

Which will probably mean that I have gotten better at swimming!

10. Own a pointless collection.

Coins, stamps, kids…..?

11. Play a part in my favourite TV show.

Behind camera would do too…

12. Stand on the International Date Line.

Perhaps just cruise or fly over it..

13. Visit Antarctica.

Yaaaaaay, Penguins….

14. Run a marathon.

Because if I can run for that long, I can do anything in life…

15. Conquer my fear of:

16. Continue my gene pool.

Babies hate me! it’s not mutual. I am sure I  will find a way around it when the time comes.

17. Live abroad.

Not sure where yet! What do you think? Singapore, Australia, Spain, Abu Dhabi?

18. Hit the Target.

Who do you think the target should be?

19. Visit all the destinations of the Amazing Race.

Another list

20. Speak Spanish fluently.

My mother in-law would love that 🙂

21. Get published.

Because I have something to say…..

22. Follow the route of Ibn Battuta.

Some lead, some follow…

23. Get my family to meet Angel’s family.

It took us years to arrange this meeting, at the end it was one of the happiest days of our lives.

24. Go on a family trip

The things you learn when stuck in a foreign country with your mother!

25. Perform my compulsory duty of Haj.

Now that I have a mahram and all…

26. Climb a mountain.

No one said anything about summiting!

27. Improve my photography skills.

Work in progress.

28. Become a Yogi.

Might be a good excuse to move to India…

29. Go on a cruise.

Why wait until retirement?

30. Travel to every continent.

Is the world too big?

31. Own a house.

And paint it Green…

32. Travel to 50 countries, visit 100 cities.

Or is it too small?

33. Be my own boss.

I love you though, boss 🙂

34. Live loan free.

What a liberating feeling …….sheeew

35. Get my Master’s Degree.

I might have said that too soon

36. Adopt a humanitarian cause.

Save the environment…I think

37. Take a gap year to travel.

Or just keep travelling…

38. Plan a house party, in my house.

We dont really need to talk about this one…

39. Learn to drive a stick shift.

I almost killed a child in a parking lot once trying, but I will not give up….

40. Throw a big bash for my 40th birthday.

Because 40 is the new 30, and it has party hard written all over it!

Wish me Luck…..


  1. We’re going to snorkel/dive with stingrays and Stingray City, Grand Cayman. It is one of the best places in the world for that experience.

    I’ll post about it by the end of the month. 🙂

    Bucket List Publications

  2. good luck! in no time, you’ll check it off your list 😉 i used to wish to participate in the amazing race, but realized i am not physically capable in finishing the challenges as i am not competitive enough! but i do hope to go to antartica as well!

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