Lake Lucerne = Vierwaldstattersee or the lake of the four forests as known to the locals, is very easy to fall in love with. It extends its four arms across multiple central Switzerland cantons, reaching locations of high historical significance and beauty.

Filled with anticipation based on all that I’ve heard about it, sailing Lake Lucerne was one of the first things I wanted to do when we moved to Switzerland last year. Fortunate to live in close proximity in neighboring Zug, it has so far been one of our favorite ways to explore the surrounding region.

A day on the lake is a trip into the most vivid part of your imagination.

Green hillsides, rolling meadows, lakeside hideaways and resort towns slowly pass you by and provide ample scenic amusement. All you have to do is make yourself very comfortable on a preferably vintage paddle steamer, while witnessing the play of light and shadow.

Sailing lake lucerne Switzerland

My favorite time to go one of these fun rides is the morning of a misty early Autumn day, when the fog hasn’t yet completely taken over and blocked the lovely views. Otherwise, any fine summer day would be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy it.  

I like to just sit back and let the lake speak its visual truth to me.

Sounds too good to be true? Well I’ve gathered some photographic evidence to share with you.

One of our favorite day trips to go on and take visitors is to nearby Mount Pilatus. Personally, I just love to get yet another great perspective of the lake from the summit, especially on clear days.

With Autumn colors starting to push through, which I think is my new favorite thing, it was a visual odyssey up there on this particular day.

Getting there is half the fun, ascending on the steepest cogwheel train in the world. And by steepest I mean 45 degrees inclination steep. That tilted 40 minutes view of shepherd huts and pine forests with panoramic snippets of the lake is such a trip though!

lake Lucerne
riding up to Mount Pilatus in Switzerland
Mount Pilatus in the background Switzerland

At the top floating clouds threatened to hide the view. Fortunately, they were moving fast enough to allow momentarily viewing gaps. The reveal was always so both dramatic and breathtaking.

at the top of Mount Pilatus Switzerland
the view of Lake Lucerne from Mount Pilatud
Mountain details on top of Mount Pilatus Switzerland

Oh, and how about a little  dragon ride on the way down? Of course, the Swiss version of that is a state-of-the-art mountain cable car that will deliver you back in about 5 minutes. Perhaps we’re few centuries too late for real dragons (rumored to have inhabited the mountain once upon a time), but the views you get through the glazed full length glass of the cable car is still as gorgeous I suppose.

Have you been to Lake Lucerne Before?

If yes, i’d love to know what was your favorite thing about it.




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