My favorite thing about Fall is happening right now, the leaves are turning the most vibrant colors and I am absolutely loving it. Whenever I am actually motivated to leave the house for a short walk in the neighborhood, these warm hues keep me amazed and entertained the whole time.

This wasn’t the case last year though. Last Fall was also my first real Fall, it was the first time that I experienced the season in full effect shortly after moving to Switzerland from the UAE. It was a critical change for me. I watched the leaves yellow and fade, the days get shorter and darker. Sunshine seized to exist at some point and was replaced by thick fog and mist.

On my way to run some errands nearby one day, I remember standing in front of the biggest tree on the way thinking – is it dying? I never really noticed it before, until it was heavily shedding brown leaves.

Obviously, it wasn’t, but I was about to discover a whole new spot in my brain that apparently doesn’t function very well in dim, damp, and dreary conditions. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) took a huge toll on my life for the next few months. And let’s not even get into what happened when winter arrived!

I don’t expect that it would be much different this time around, although I do feel more braced for what’s to come.

However it unfolds, I’ve promised myself more Fall goodness, more color and Joy. So, I am doing my best to make it past my front door more often than not, and it does help a lot knowing that plenty of beauty awaits on the other side.

As always, sharing in the hope that what inspired me could find its way to your heart and warm it with as must delight.   

Giant tree dressed in Fall colors, near Lake Zug in Switzerland
Fall leaf by the Lake of Zug, Switzerland
Swan and Fall colors on the lake of Zug, Switzerland
Fall colors and leaves in Villette Park in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland
Fall colors in the park. Canton of Zug, Switzerland
Fall leaves in the forest trails of the Canton of Zug, Switzerland

So lucky to live next to the most beautiful park in the Canton of Zug , where I spend a lot of time usually watching the mountains hide behind clouds across the lake, meditating to the sight of swans dancing gracefully on the face of water, spotting seasonal flowers spring out of the ground, and observing life go by beautifully.

Fall colors taking over the city. Zug old town, Switzerland
View of Zug old town in the Fall, Switzerland
Fall colors in the city of Zug, Switzerland
Fall leaves on the wall. Zug old town, Switzerland
Fall leaves in Switzerland
Japanese red maple tree in Zug old town, Switzerland

A Fall stroll through the city of Zug can be very fulfilling to the senses. I love taking random turns and discovering trees and views that I haven’t noticed before. For example this Japanese red maple tree (I think) that seems to have popped up on a hill I always pass by. Where did this one come from?

Fall scene in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland.

My latest obsession is to hunt leaves in unique colors and capture them from different angles. These little beauties are proof that happiness doesn’t always have to be grand and dramatic, although in their own way they truly are. Happiness, most of the time, comes in small packages. It can be found everywhere around us if we dare to look.

Colorful leaves seen in the forest trails of the Canton of Zug, Switzerland
Colorful Fall leaves as seen in the forest trails of the Canton of Zug, Switzerland
Colorful Fall leaves as seen in the forest trails of the canton of Zug, Switzerland

What is your favorite thing about Fall?






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