Marhaba and welcome! My passion for photography and travel is rooted in a desire to mindfully capture beauty and inspire through visual stories.

I was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, where storytelling is at the core of our Middle Eastern culture and pretty much an integral part of how people communicate and connect. So here I am, sharing travel tales and photos, and musing on life.

The current chapter of my life is titled “first time expat in the land of milk and money”. My husband’s job moved us to live in central Switzerland for a while, where I have been endlessly fascinated by the change of seasons and splendor of nature.

My journey is one of growth, purpose, and truth. Which is why I like to create from a place of love, aiming to extend little bridges across cultures and over differences.

Follow along. Hopefully somewhere in there is something you needed to hear or see today.




Shaikha Al Khayyal

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